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Loveall Photography
Premier Digital Photography
1657 Delrose, Springfield, Oregon 97477
e-mail: david@loveallphoto.com

Loveall Photography Specializing in Commercial Digital Photography

David Loveall Photography is the Northwest's premier Oregon photographer in Eugene, Oregon (located near Portland). His expertise are in commercial digital photography and advertising photography.
David Loveall Photography is the Northwest's premier Oregon photographer in Eugene, Oregon (located near Portland). His expertise are in digital advertising and commercial photography.

David is also an accomplished photographer and photojournalist specializing in food, commercial, aerial, corporate, editorial, location, studio, and portrait photography. David is also a published writer and travel photographer.

Loveall Photography - Portfolio of Advertising and Commercial Work
Based in Eugene, Oregon, has allowed Loveall Photography to take advantage of subjects such as the University of Oregon, Nike and Phil Knight, Whittier Wood Products, sports manufacturers such as Burley Bicycles and Sporthill, as well as PeaceHealth and other medical photography. Food photography has become one of Loveall's specialties, making him one of the state premier photographers of mouth watering advertising.

This portfolio is a short list of some of Loveall's current work. After working in the Eugene area for the last 20 years, he has branched out to all areas of the state taking his photography on the road to every corner of the state and the west coast. In addition to his commercial photography he has traveled the world documenting cultural aspects from every continent. See the Personal slide show for more of Loveall's photography.

Loveall Photography - Gallery of Personal Photography
Never settling for just advertising and commercial work, and always trying to expand his boundaries, Loveall has traveled to every continent to document the cultures he immerses himself into. From Peru to Antarctica, Italy and Asia, and such strange locales as Washington, D.C., Loveall is always ready to capture a moment in time that is unique and personal.

Just making travel photography has never been enough for Loveall. When his son, Garrett, was in high school, he self-published a book of photography and writings titled Letters to Garrett. Loveall has also published another book of photos and writings called Still Frames, Still Thoughts.

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