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Yes, David Loveall can water ski barefoot and he wants you to learn how to do so as well. Just ask.


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David Loveall Digital Commercial Photography

David Loveall Digital Commercial Photography

David Loveall - Bio

David Loveall was born in a log cabin in Kentucky to poor parents and had to chop logs... No wait, that was Abe Lincoln. Oh well, David's life wasn't as poetic but he had been doing photography since he was old enough to walk - almost. He joined the US Navy and did lots of fun stuff like ride in jet planes and swim in the ocean while holding a camera and taking pictures of helicopters. See pictures at left.

It's all about the desire to tell stories with his camera. That's the reason he joined the Navy as a combat photo-journalist. He wrote and photographed extensively under some hazardous conditions. Some of his assignments included six weeks in the Antarctic with the National Science Foundation, numerous stops around the Pacific Rim, helicopter search and rescue missions in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and as the official public relations and jet photographer with the Navy's Blue Angels.

With that 6-year tour under his belt, he began the process of finding his niche. He worked as a contract freelancer with the Los Angeles Times and a prominent San Diego studio photographer.

His forte was teaching the "science of lighting" on a world tour sponsored by Kodak. When not on the road, the studio tackled projects from motorcycles and cars to fashion and food.

Armed with these experiences, he returned to the Northwest with his family and opened his studio (actually, the real reason was to be near all the local lakes and the killer water skiing).

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